This Scorpio X electric motorcycle in Singapore may pave the way for locally-produced vehicles

Move over Dyson, make way for Scorpio Electric

Ride away on our two-wheeled electric hero

by : Daryl Lee

Dyson’s plans to build an electric car in Singapore may have fallen through, but there’s another company stepping up to the plate to build the first electric vehicle here – Scorpio Electric, a division of EuroSports Global, which also happens to be Lamborghini’s local dealer.

Due to hit the roads this year, Scorpio X promises to be “a perfect fit for the future of city mobility”.

Due to hit the roads this year is Scorpio X, an electric scooter proudly produced here (in a plant in Teban Gardens that can produce some 8,000 annually) that promises to be “a perfect fit for the future of city mobility”, says CEO Melvin Goh.

The start-up, which recently completed its first prototype in the third quarter of last year, and which saw a flurry of new executive hires (its CTO, CCO and COO were all hired last year) is clearly on the fast-track. Its first product is poised to capture the hearts and minds of Singaporean consumers, along with early adopter markets such as Europe and Australia, says Goh. Bear in mind that all of that development work had to be carried out amidst an ongoing pandemic, something that brought about a whole set of unique challenges, admits Goh, “from stalled supply chains to not being able to travel to meet vendors”. Despite that, Scorpio Electric has managed to raise US$6.3 million at the end of 2020, along with meeting all its engineering milestones at the time.

The biggest challenge, however, still lies ahead with Scorpio X’s market launch later this year, and according to Goh, the fledgling manufacturer has taken no shortcuts along the way, especially towards quality, along with its pillars of design, performance and technology.